Sacred Earth

In 2018 faith communities came together with EIFA support motivated by a shared belief in the sacredness of the earth and their responsibility to take action to help save it.

A CCF Development Grant (CCF-6119) was awarded that allowed workshops to be held based on the Shifting Normal exercise and explored what people could do individually and collectively to address climate change.

From the workshops we identified the need for a dedicated interfaith project.

A report on the workshops can be viewed below.

The Ground We Share

The Ground We Share aims to tackle prejudice and work towards reducing hate crime and discrimination. This project has started out as an Educational resource developed for High School students studying religion. Students developed questions to ask religious representatives, such as

Does religion create wars?'

Does your religion discriminate against women?

These and other ethical questions are answered in short engaging films which will soon be available to view on the upcoming website.

Faithful Friends

The Faithful Friends Befriending Service befriends people from the diverse faith communities in Edinburgh to build bridges of respect and friendship. The project comes alongside vulnerable people who are lonely and isolated in their communities to develop meaningful relationships. 


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Looking for befriends for people in your community? 

Our Story

The Our Story Project collected together people’s memories and stories from the many faith communities in Edinburgh through oral histories and interviews. The exhibition celebrates the city’s rich diversity through the stories of people who live here. Some settled here, many were born here, but all of their stories together tell the history of Edinburgh: Our Story.

The project started as a permanent display at the Museum of Edinburgh,and can now move as a travelling exhibit to an event near you!


Research showed that there was a lack of awareness of dementia within Faith communities and a lack of people accessing support. 


A persons spiritual life plays is connected to their health and the faith community is a place of community and safety for many people. Dementia can lead to the exclusion of people from continuing to attend their place of worship.


A booklet is now available in 3 languages with tips to support communities on Dementia, with Workshops coming soon.

Edinburgh Interfaith 

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