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Our COVID-19 resilience response: showing how interfaith community and friendship lives on despite lockdown, and inspiring people of all faiths and none to

create positive change. 

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Interfaith Insights is a Facebook live show, which examines how faith motivates people to do great things. The hosts from their different faith perspectives (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) explore how interfaith community can live on despite lockdown. They dive into positive news stories, and interview amazing guests from founders of NGOs, musicians, human rights advocates, religious leaders to local volunteers and first responders. 

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On Thursday evenings we release extended interviews with our guests, local religious leaders, and famous artists and performers. Our interviews follow our theme of the week, and each guest offers their reflections from lockdown. Themes have included:

Healing the Planet, Faith in Refugees, and

Female Empowerment. 

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Our interview with Jerry Boweh: who escaped Civil War in Liberia, and sought asylum in the UK, settling in Glasgow. He started the Glasgow Gospel Choir, to fund his rehabilitation schools project in Liberia, and which helped him develop the identity Glasberian - also the title of his upcoming book!

Witness the empowering atmosphere of our live shows! In this clip, The Voice finalist Michelle John, and Rukhsana from the Healing Cave Centre, join forces. They share their experiences as survivors of domestic abuse, share coping strategies such as deciding to choose gratitude, and Michelle sings us her single Priceless, for the brave women who open up on our show. 

This project has been made possible by Foundation Scotland, as a part of their COVID-19 Resilience Response. 

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