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"It was a good exercise to see how the beliefs of religions were put into practice. It also allowed [the students] to see commonalities between religions which they had not thought about before"


We take interfaith panels to High Schools, and Primary Schools, in Edinburgh and further afield. We believe that Religious and Moral Education should always involve the voices of practitioners: and that interfaith panels can raise understanding, interaction and appreciation of local diverse communities. 

Interested in including an interfaith panel in your educational facility? We can tailor a panel for your specific needs (be it an assembly, RME  class or school celebration). Email

“In today’s society, a lot of our problems are caused by misunderstandings and ignorance of different cultures, so it’s really great to learn from different people about their religious traditions

and their culture”

- GWS student participant

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The Ground We Share is a resource for teachers and students in Edinburgh using the voices of Edinburgh’s diverse residents. Lived perspectives are presented through videos, on the Ground We Share websiteThey are divided into short interviews on Moral Issues, and Belief, on topics such as gender, miracles and science, which fit in with RME curriculum.


This project was created in collaboration with schools students and teachers, and is regularly updated. There is a contact box for students to ask questions directly to practitioners in the city. We hope these resources will not only increase religious and cultural understanding, but forge bonds of respect in our great city.


“It is important to learn from the past to counter the rise of hatred and bigotry before they lead to genocide”

"It teaches younger generations about the dangers of marginalisation"

- HMD student participants


We annually commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides, in partnership with at least two schools and local public bodies. Students prepare in classes for the months prior (studying genocides, and applying these lessons to the current day) and it culminates in a public event for HMD. 

Students read poems, perform music, and reflect on what they have learnt: while we also hear testimonies from Holocaust survivors and survivors of other genocides (such as the Rwandan, and Bosnian, genocides). 

Take a look as some past speeches for HMD on our Youtube Channel. Email us to plan a HMD project:

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