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EIFA puts community first. 

If you're in line with our message of diversity and peace, and want to experience more interfaith connectivity in Edinburgh, please join us at one of our events! Keep up to date on our social media accounts, or mailing list, for upcoming events.

Read on, for more ways you can get involved with and

support the work of EIFA


As a small organisation, we are always looking for volunteers to assist with our activities, undertake some of our administration, fundraise, or help us reach out to individuals and communities through our website, publicity, marketing and social media communications. 


If you feel an affinity with what we are doing and have some time to help, please get in touch, we need you!


Part of the joy of EIFA is undertaking activities and events in and around individual communities. If you have an idea for a locally-based event or activity, or if you would just like to host an EIFA event in your premises, please get in touch with us to discuss. Having an interfaith event on your doorstep is a great way to both give your community exposure and introduce more of your members to

interfaith activity.  


You can join us by becoming a member of EIFA- either individually, as your religious/ faith institution/ group, or as an organisation. 

As a member, you'll be the first to be invited to events, dialogues and conferences, and you can support our work year round. 

Find out more


As with many NGO’s EIFA has been affected by funding cuts. 

Your donation however small can help us continue to deliver our key services, making Scotland a more peaceful country.


Why not hold a fundraiser, or take a collection, with your faith community? Get in touch!

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