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The Edinburgh Interfaith Association Statement on Israel – Palestine Conflict

Updated: Oct 17

The thoughts and prayers of The Edinburgh Interfaith Association (EIFA) are with those innocent victims and their families caught up in the Israel-Palestine conflict. As people of faith (and none), for over three decades EIFA has consistently recognised the intrinsic value of each and every human life. It saddens us all to witness suffering on an incomprehensible scale. We are reminded that these are people’s brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, and that many in our communities living here have deep personal connections with loved ones living in the region.

Therefore, EIFA calls upon all parties, with support from the international community, to work together to establish peace in the area, and to bring an end to the suffering, and loss of human life.

We are also sadly too aware that the escalation of the Israel- Palestine conflict often leads to a sharp rise in Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the UK and elsewhere. This then places even more importance upon our interfaith programmes, including our ‘Faith and Belief Roadshows’, as a way to counter that rise. Hence we shall continue to positively collaborate together on these programmes and with all others who share our values to foster mutual respect and understanding and to encourage and support an enduring peace in Edinburgh, in Scotland and throughout the world.

On 13 November 2023 EIFA at 6:30pm will hold a special Peace service in partnership with ‘The Oxford Foundation’, at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, ‘Edinburgh Communities United Against Hate', when we shall remember all victims of the Israel/ Palestine Conflict, and other conflicts around the world, and come together across our different faiths, cultural, and political groups to call for lasting peace in the world today.

Editor’s Note: EIFA is the oldest Interfaith Association in Scotland. For 35 years EIFA has provided resources to promote education, understanding, empathy, collaboration, and peace in the City of Edinburgh, in Scotland and throughout the world.

Approved by

Professor Joe Goldblatt (Chair)

Nasim Azad (Vice Chair)

and the Trustees of The Edinburgh Interfaith Association

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