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Since 1989 EIFA has worked to promote positive engagement between the communities of Edinburgh. We believe that through interfaith education and dialogue we can work towards a safe and more inclusive Scotland. We strive to bring people together to celebrate diversity, build meaningful and beneficial relationships and to represent the interests and needs of faith communities.

"Working with people of all faiths and none to create a more respectful, peaceful world".

An Appeal to the Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council, and all those leading our major institutions in the capital, April 2019

Climate Disruption:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As members of Edinburgh’s faith communities, we are deeply concerned for the future of our city, our country and all who inhabit this sacred Earth – which is our common home and for which we are all responsible.

With climate disruption upon us, the pace of change is outstripping predictions in both speed and consequences.  We already witness its effect on the environment and therefore on ourselves: chaotic weather events, floods, droughts, wildfires, extinctions of species, rising sea levels, and that is quite literally, just the tip of the iceberg.

We acknowledge that some steps have been taken to address the climate emergency; but much more needs to be done.  Humankind is author of this dire situation and it is up to us all to solve it.  On a personal level we need to simplify our lives and make educated choices for the good of all.

Current focus on other political challenges should not distract our civic leaders from the more serious issues threatening the very future of the planet and all its inhabitants, not least our children who are striking in an effort to awaken our political leaders to take immediate, direct action to safeguard their futures and avert mass extinctions.

With the UK Government otherwise occupied, we urge leaders in Edinburgh – as our capital – and Scotland as a nation, to take the lead.  Please act decisively, pass radical legislation, allocate budgetary resources, implement the necessary laws and do everything possible to pull us back from the brink of self destruction, caused by ignorance and greed.  Please re-set our course on a more intelligent, sustainable and equitable direction that benefits us all.

We especially encourage you to bring forward the dates for achieving carbon neutrality.  
Be ambitious in this regard.  Act now with courage and commitment.  We realise we have a role to play and much to learn but we look to you to provide the leadership.

Signatories:  Bishop John Armes (Scottish Episcopal Church), Father Jeremy Bath (Roman Catholic Church), Wege Singh (Edinburgh Sikh Community), Jean Fowler (Scottish Pagan Federation), Shabir Beg (Chairman Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society), Alastair Cameron (Clerk, South East Scotland Area Quaker Meeting), Ani Rinchen (Kagyu Samye Dzong, Edinburgh), Edinburgh Baha’i Community, Carole Sneddon (Director of Public Affairs, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), Louisa Gupta (Brahama Kumaris), Imam Muhammad Asim (East Edinburgh Muslim Forum), Rev Fiona Bennett (United Reformed Church), Sukkat Shalom (Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community), Church of Scotland (Edinburgh Presbytery), Annandale Mosque, Joan Cook, President (Scottish Unitarian Association), Rev. Peter Fairbrother (St.Mark's Unitarian Church). EHMCC (Hindu Community), Puneet Dwivedi (Vice President, Scotland for Hindu Forum Britain// Trustee Member of Edinburgh Hindu Temple), Bill Crook (Order of Interbeing), Ali Newall (Edinburgh University Chaplaincy)

To add your community’s signature to the Appeal please email info@eifa.org.uk

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